Our innovative software application specifically designed to mimic how risk and risk management actually function in the real world. We call this innovation: “ERMIS” or Enterprise Risk Management Information System. This exciting, multi-dimensional ERMIS approach powerfully produces: the versatility to analyze risks both quantitatively and qualitatively, and the flexibility and configurability to align with your own unique ERM processes and framework (regardless of Maturity), without sacrificing on reporting, monitoring or documentation.


ARQ Technology™

Measure the effect of risk on your cost structure and performance.  This patented software makes ERM measurement a reality. ARQ™ systematically deciphers your general ledger results and examines your budget data to automatically report on HOW risk is effecting your results and performance.  THE RESULT is a kind of “5th Financial Statement” based in cost of risk that actually reveals the effectiveness of all of your risk management efforts in hard dollar terms.


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Software that thinks the way you do


The software that follows the same logic and processes you do to manage risks.

rPM³ listened! We heard your concerns about conventional risk management and GRC software. So, in Aperitisoft™, your concerns have been addressed by design – you now:  1) get all of the features you need for ERM with out having to buy additional modules; 2) can assess and report on risks by objective or context; 3) can analyze risks qualitatively and quantitatively; 4) can leverage an integrated survey tool to help identify and analyze risks; and 5) can aggregate risks along multiple dimensional and contextual lines. You get smart displays and powerful reports, making executive reporting a breeze. With Aperitisoft™, you have found software that will save you time and give you the insight you need to satisfy any stakeholder and create real value.

Whether you’re responsible for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), a conventional Risk Manager, a cyber security professional, you’re responsible for Operational Risk, or even a Chief Audit Executive, Aperitisoft™ is the software you have been waiting for.  Designed to meet you where you are, this intuitive and scalable application enables you to replicate your risk architecture and risk taxonomy, as well as, your risk assessment and risk management processes with ease – no more conforming your program to softwareTHIS MEANS you can now manage all of your various assessments and risk management projects in one place – saving you time and money!

Here are some key product features…

Our focus is on providing measurable solutions that fit how you work. Reducing risk leads to reduced cost of risk and improved performance. Check out some of the KEY FEATURES you will enjoy with Aperitisoft™.


ERM & Risk Management is a defined process that has steps to follow. Aperitisoft™ is laid out to allow you to build up the components of a risk or controls assessment in the same order to ensure all the pieces are in place and the data has been reviewed before moving to the next step.


The built-in survey tool makes data collection efficient and more accurate. You can ID risks and solicit causes & analysis estimates. You can create an email poll from your participants list, conduct interviews or even manage a workshop, all with one simple to use tool – results post with the push of a button.


Quality risk analysis is critical to risk management.  Aperitisoft™ puts the flexibility in your hands to setup analysis scales your way and gives you the choice between qualitative or quantitative methods.  We even included Monte Carlo Simulation to get the job done right.


Information is meant to be used to help make decisions. Having reports and dashboards that quickly and easily show the Sources, Categories, Root Causes and Drivers of Risks is key. Reports are customized to your organization allowing for a consistent and repeatable flow of information.


ERM & Risk Management are managed in cycles that are repeated.  Being able to easily transition to the next cycle by pre-populating the data saves time and money. Looking to do a deep dive on your top risks? Go from qualitative to quantitative and get the level of analysis you need to unpack key risks.


What is your approach to ERM and Risk or Controls Assessments? What is your perceived maturity-level? What is your ERM framework or risk language?  What is your Risk Appetite? Aperitisoft ™ is designed to adapt to your organization and how YOU do business.  The only limit is your imagination!

3 Product Levels to Choose From

We want to meet you where YOU are, so rPM³ offers 3 different product levels to match your maturity level, needs and budget.



This STARTER software package is designed to support every aspect of developing and maintaining a quality risk management process and risk profile, but at a fraction of the cost.  WHY WAIT? Get the software tools you need right NOW!

  • Max 2 Active Assessments
  • Max 3 Admin + 2 Exec (Read-only) Users
  • Up to a half-day of onsite ERM advisory
  • 3 hours of online training
  • 1 year of maintenance
  • Cloud SaaS or EULA License Available
Modules included:
  • Assessment Management
  • Nested Risk Hierarchy
  • Multiple-tab Risk Workspace
  • Integrated Survey Tool
  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Context Management
  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Categorization
  • Driver or Root Cause Development
  • Controls Documentation
  • Analysis (Qualitative & Quantitative)
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Evaluation Charts & Graphs
  • Risk Response Planning & Monitoring
  • Response Management Journal/Log
  • Response Past-due Notification
  • Executive Reporting



ERM Manager is the vehicle that is DESIGNED to carry you the full journey along any maturity curve.  This product is loaded with everything you will need to manage any type of risk or control assessment and process – all in one place.

  • Unlimited Active Assessments available per Month
  • Unlimited Users
  • Up to a half-day of onsite ERM advisory
  • 3 hours of online training
  • Maintenance included (SaaS)
  • Cloud SaaS or EULA License Available
Modules included:
What’s included in 1-2-3 Express, PLUS:
  • Organizational Hierarchy
  • Risk Elevation
  • Dynamic Root Cause Development
  • Bow Tie Analytics
  • Tier-level Prioritization
  • Inherent & Residual Analysis
  • Incident/Claims Management Assessment Option
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Document Control Module Available
  • Customized Role-based Security
  • ADD: RiskSpotlight Library
  • ADD: RiskSpotlight Portal



Merge the ERM Manager with ARQ Technology™ and you get Aperitisoft™ CRO. Now you can baseline your cost of risk, manage risks and measure your ERM performance. The ultimate in ERM management software technology!

  • Unlimited # of Assessments
  • Unlimited Users
  • Up to a full-day of onsite ERM advisory
  • 3 hours of online training
  • Maintenance included (SaaS)
  • Cloud SaaS or EULA License Available
Modules included:
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The “Holy Grail” for Enterprise Risk Management

Meet the GAME CHANGING software tool that completes your organization’s financial picture by delivering the critical element hidden from conventional accounting methods – COST OF RISK. ARQ Technology™ does this by applying a patented cost accounting methodology centered on the Cost of Risk. This business method precisely separates and isolates these costs from your core business. The results are amazing! You get a non-obscured view of your business results (one you’ve never seen before) that gives you a pure, clear and true measure of your business and enterprise risk management performances.  This creates a measurable business process that links risk and risk management to your financial results – the “Holy Grail” for ERM!

This is how it works…

ARQ Technology™ separates your Cost of Risk into its components and aligns these costs with your inherent categories of risk – creating a kind of 5th Financial Statement™ (the Statement of Cost of Risk). This new financial statement provides you with the details and interrelationships needed to pinpoint critical variations – the important business intelligence needed for you to take the correct and appropriate action for improved results.

You benefit in 4 BIG ways…


ARQ Technology™ enables you to look at your business with a fresh perspective that opens your eyes to important facets of your performance and cost structure you never saw before. This connects-the-dots that were previously hidden and aligns your cost structure with your risks.  This insight provides the critical “double-check” you need to have confidence in your decisions, strategies and plans.


ARQ Technology™ creates the hard dollar measurement everyone has been looking for – a measure for calculating the value created by ERM itself! With ARQ Technology™ you can now quantitatively demonstrate how risk, risk management and performance are all related using real financial results – the critical step needed to truly solidify the integration of ERM and Strategic Planning.


ARQ Technology™ opens up a whole new world of previously hidden reports and analyses that you will find are essential to planning, predictive analytics, business review and decision-making. This new business intelligence significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to pinpoint and isolate critical performance issues and opportunities. It also provides the ability to monitor the results and manage the action plans deployed to improve results.


One of the greatest complaints of Senior Executives and Boards regarding ERM is that it is “just another unwanted or necessary layer of cost” – in essence, another compliance exercise. Experienced ERM practitioners know this is NOT TRUE.  Now we can prove it by transforming ERM into a measurable business management process, one that is linked directly to financial results.  This creates accountability and a measurable incentive for management  – the lost “HOLY GRAIL” for Enterprise Risk Management!

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Important ARQ™ software features…


Discover and organize your Cost of Risk quickly and with ease. Our ingenious deciphering tool helps you identify, document and align your Cost of Risk with surgical precision. This innovative tool assures the accuracy and consistency of your Cost of Risk reporting with every financial close.


Each of ARQ Technology™’s financial reports, and most of the graphs, include the time-saving ability to view the supporting details behind any figure (“drill-down”) by just clicking on the number. This powerful drill-down feature enables you to investigate variations down to the lowest level of detail in just seconds.


A two-panel dashboard, customized to include the graphs or reports that are most meaningful to you, comes standard with every installation. UPGRADE and get a sophisticated and interactive custom dashboard system powered by SAP Crystal Dashboard.


ARQ Technology™ leverages your unique Cost of Risk to create a whole new set of graphs, tables and statements that give you a different perspective of your business and risk management results and performance.


This tool helps you create the series of action plans needed to improve results. You can easily organize and assign your specific steps and tasks. Document the cost and estimated benefits of your plans; link them to a Cost of Risk budget and your risk categories; and then follow-up and monitor your progress – all in one system!!!


Create your own database of the actual events that affected your core business performance and cost of risk. This simple tool provides all that you need to create, document, save supporting files and financially link specific events to your Cost of Risk.


ARQ Technology™ is a specialized cost accounting software tool that can enhance any GRC or ERM System by providing the important dollar measurement missing in these systems. ARQ Technology™ can either plug-in to or work along side these applications – whichever is the best fit to support your program.


Hosted in the “Cloud”, ARQ Technology™ is accessible anywhere you can connect to the internet – your desktop computer, laptop, mobile tablet and smartphone.


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