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Brazil & South America

Partnership Summary

BRA Certificadora utilizes Aperitisoft™ to deliver their proprietary and standards-based governance, compliance and risk management services and solutions.  rPM³ recognizes BRA as a certified and authorized dealer of Aperitisoft™ in Brazil and throughout South America.


BRA Certificadora is a 100% Brazilian boutique service provider with a profound expertise in the certification, regulation, auditing, inspection, governance, risks and consulting segment. BRA performs in specific service niches with a level of service and conviction that consistently aggregates effective value for all of its Stakeholders. Composed of highly skilled professionals with seasoned experience, BRA’s philosophy is to strictly comply with the rules, regulation and requirements with impartiality and transparency. BRA is in the TOP 3 companies in Brazil for its services segment and is strongly recognized as the most specialized and innovative company in their market in Brazil.

Organizational Project Management

Partnership Summary

Centurion Project Management’’s PinnaclePM Assessment leverages Aperitisoft™ A3S™ services to provide their customers with self-paced or guided assessments of their clients’ project management ecosystem. In turn, rPM3 looks to Centurion Project Managment as a collaborator and provider of project management risk mitigation through expertise in project management office (PMO) advisory, project management training, and project management consulting services. The Centurion Project Management and rPM3 Partnership helps organizations make informed decisions, backed by data and expert analysis, leading to more effective project outcomes and a competitive edge in your industry.


Centurion’s PinnaclePM Assessment conducts an in-depth assessment of an organization’s project management processes, tools, technology, and skills that can significantly impact the success and efficiency of ongoing and future projects. After completing the PinnaclePM Assessment, our clients “see themselves” and have a deeper understanding of the maturity their project management systems and a starting point for future improvements. Our assessment provides critical recommendations that executive leaders can use to aid in deciding on future projects, making strategic investments, and mitigating high-risk areas.

Upon completing the assessment, Centurion’s project management experts walk clients through the results of the assessment, providing detailed recommendations to ensure the organization is meeting the latest project management requirements, has a clear understanding of their current project management posture, and has expert recommendations for mitigating high-risk areas. This is a low-cost investment that provides an annual project management health check with minimal time investment.

Key Benefits of Conducting a PinnaclePM Assessment:

  • Optimized Resource Allocation – identify areas of inefficiency and redundancy, improve resource allocation, best utilization your team’s time and expertise
  • Enhanced Risk Management – understand potential risks and vulnerabilities within your project management framework and reduce the likelihood of of costly project setbacks and delays
  • Improved Decision-Making – gain a comprehensive understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your current project management approach
  • Elevated Project Performance and Delivery – enables you to fine-tune your project management processes, leverage cutting-edge tools and technology, and cultivate essential skills within your team

Investing in a the PinnaclePM assessment of your project management ecosystem is not just a proactive measure; it’s a strategic imperative that propels your company towards sustained success and growth.

Food Safety Solutions – Worldwide

Partnership Summary

Culture Advisory Group is one of our valued partners who are in the business of accelerating the agriculture and food industries. They leverage our Aperitisoft™ A3S™ software application to deliver world-class food safety solutions.


Culture’s A3S™ powered self-assessment solution is perfect for measuring internal food safety, quality, and risk compliance levels. This affordable program is designed to help food safety and quality professionals document and provide evidence that their system is in alignment with today’s regulatory and certification requirements. To learn more, click here.

We are committed to working with companies wishing to explore opportunities to upgrade their safety and quality systems using risk-based assessments

We Love What We Do We engage with our customers to discover and assess their current systems and technologies, followed by providing detailed practical recommendations for process changes and new investments. THREE PILLARS OF SERVICE Culture Advisory Group is committed to serving organizations wishing to grow their capacity by connecting a suite of innovative services that will deliver world-class results across 3 synergistic areas of expertise:
  • Advising & Consulting
  • Software Integration
  • Grants & Funding

Contact us today for a free consultation!

Enterprise Risk Management – USA

Partnership Summary

Cypress Risk Advisors is an authorized dealer of Aperitisoft™ and ARQ Technology™ software in the United States. They look to rPM³ as their primary resource of ERMIS technology support. In turn, rPM³ looks to Cypress Risk Advisors as a primary source of expertise to fulfill clients’ needs in the areas of Strategic Risk Management and Enterprise Risk Management implementations.


Cypress Risk Advisors assists organizations in developing and implementing risk management strategies that are supportive of and aligned with organizational culture, philosophy and business imperatives. Their goal is to help organizations develop a robust process for identifying, assessing prioritizing and mitigating risk, ensuring the enterprise’s long-term resiliency. They combine 30 years of risk management experience, strong analytic capabilities and leadership skills to support their clients.

Cyber Security Health Check

Partnership Summary

eGroup | Enabling Technologies leverages Aperitisoft™ A3S™ services to provide their customers with self-paced and guided risk and compliance assessments.  In turn, rPM3 looks to eGroup | Enabling Technologies, as a collaborator and provider of risk mitigation through expertise in technology and data center, cloud and managed services.


The Cyber Security Health Check is a self-paced, peer-reviewed assessment designed to help Subject Matter Experts document and provide proof that their security posture is in alignment with today’s cyber security requirements. Following the health check, our goal is for our clients to have confidence in the knowledge of their current security posture. eGroup | Enabling Technologies security experts then walk the client through the results of the health check, providing a detailed list of recommendations to ensure the organization is meeting the latest cyber insurance requirements and have an overall view of their security posture.

Key Benefits of a Cyber Security Health Check:
  • Designed as a subset of CIS to give you a clear overview of your security posture
  • Identifying your current cyber security baseline
  • Adding & consolidating document references to provide context to your insurance requirement submissions
  • Your results are reviewed and assessed by eGroup | Enabling Technologies security experts
  • Expert recommendations are provided for mitigation of high-risk areas
  • This is a low-cost investment that provides an annual security health check with minimal time investment
Workplace Violence and Business Continuity Assessments

Partnership Summary

Illuminate Advisory harnesses the power of Aperitisoft™ to provide workplace violence and business continuity readiness assessments to their clients in the financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and telecommunications industries.


Illuminate Advisory is the risk advisory firm inspiring organizations to harness the power of risk. For us, intelligent risk-taking is when people, organizations, and communities dedicate the necessary time and resources to make informed assessments on risk. It’s the bravery to make a bold move, with the caution to prepare rigorously. Truly intelligent risk taking can only occur when organizations have quality research, top-tier communication strategy, and a broadened structural perspective available to them.

 Business Management Health Assessments

Partnership Summary

LYNXBMG utilizes Aperitisoft™ in Business Management Health Assessments (BMHA) for manufacturing-based clientele.

LYNXBMG looks to rPM³ as their primary resource for Aperitisoft™ technology support.  In turn, rPM³ collaborates with LYNXBMG for joint business & enterprise risk management to meet customer development needs.

All Functions Pulling in the Same Direction


BMHA is a LYNXBMG product assessing eight key operating business management principles & a series of institutional processes used to plan, manage, and control a manufacturing company. Leadership clarity and development roadmap for:

  • Business Planning & Strategy
  • Business Results & Performance
  • Business Alignment & Turn-around
  • Cost Reduction & Lean
  • Partner Management & Strategic Procurement
  • Operations Planning & Management
  • Organization Change Readiness
  • Enterprise Lean
Cyber Security Baseline Assessments

Partnership Summary

NEWCOM is a privately owned, single-business owner with over 25 years of industry experience in emerging technologies. Based in the metropolitan Boston area with operations nationwide, we design the most comprehensive systems based on our client’s needs, leveraging “off-the-shelf” solutions with customized applications and implementation for cybersecurity (software and services) and physical security (hardware, software). NEWCOM not only provides the critical link between wireless technology and business optimization, we secure systems, facilities, and mission critical data with solutions customized for the enterprise. NEWCOM utilizes Aperitisoft™ A3S™ to offer their customers self-paced and guided Cyber Security Baseline Assessments. This comprehensive assessment, helps their clients understand where they are today and what is needed to get to where they want to be tomorrow.


NEWCOM provides efficiency services to prepare for what is coming in emerging technologies. We deliver effective quality work to avoid wasting materials, energy, efforts, money, and time in doing something or in producing a desired result. NEWCOM carefully plans and organizes projects to meet specific objectives. Resources are provided to manage the implementation of the project plan with operating controls to ensure project’s success criteria.

  • System integration & design
  • Complete project management & deployment
  • Comply with industry standards
  • Flexible to meet budget
  • Fast turn-around installation & system monitoring
  • Nationwide implementation
  • Third party customization
  • Customer focused
  • Trust in satisfactory results
  • Close work to meet specific success criteria
  • Recovery actions where necessary
Spanish Operations

Partnership Summary

Risk Mexico utilizes Aperitisoft™ and ARQ Technology™ in their various risk management consulting solutions.  They are also a certified and authorized dealer of rPM³ software throughout the Spanish speaking world and the Carribean.


Risk Mexico is a firm based in Monterrey, Mexico that offers risk related education, certification and consulting solutions in the public and private sectors. Risk Mexico specializes in risk & insurance management, business continuity / operations and enterprise risk management solutions.

Domestic & India

Partnership Summary

Synaptein Solutions is an authorized dealer of Aperitisoft™ and ARQ Technology™ software in the USA and to India.  They look to rPM³ as their primary resource of ERM expertise and ERMIS technology support.  In turn, rPM³ relies on Synaptein for software customization support to aid us in meeting our customers’ special software needs and requirements.


Synaptein Solutions  is  based in the Metro Washington. D.C. area.  They are a premier IT and consulting services company with a culture of innovation. They offer a portfolio of Enterprise Modernization services to both Federal agencies and commercial clients.  Synaptein combines years of institutional knowledge, emerging technologies, and customer commitment to ensure delivery excellence. They have established quality, development, and information security practices that make them a preferred partner for any organization, be it public sector or private enterprise.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Partnership Summary

UTCAG utilizes Aperitisoft™ A3S™ assessment engine technology to deliver its Cyber Security Risk Assessment and to support the other Cyber Security solutions it provides to its customers.


UTCAG’s Cyber Security Risk Assessment (CSRA) is a cost-effective investment that provides our clients with a detailed assessment of their cybersecurity posture.

In a 2022 survey conducted by the Ponemon Research Institute, 583 American companies were interviewed about cybersecurity security issues. The result correlates with what has been highlighted in other reports during the past year, which determined hackers are very often successful in their endeavors to break into a company’s systems, and stopping them is no easy task.

The survey results showed that 90% of the companies suffered a computer or system hack in the past 12 months alone. More disturbing was that many companies suffered multiple successful attacks from hackers. 77% of the companies that were successfully attacked were hacked numerous times, and 67% experienced between 21 and 40 incidents per year (up from 60 percent in 2020). The CSRA is a questions-driven assessment designed to document the current security posture and identify gaps with today’s cyber security requirements.

Once the CSRA is completed, one of UTCAGs security experts will review the assessment results and provide a detailed list of recommendations to ensure the client can meet the latest cybersecurity requirements.

Why have a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment?

  • Gives a complete picture of the current cybersecurity posture and provides a baseline.
  • Provides an independent 3rd party documented assessment of the current posture for NIST 800, CMMC and C2M2 scoring.
  • Provides a roadmap for closing identified gaps in the current posture and mitigation strategies for addressing high-risk areas.

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