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rPM³ Solutions was founded with one main principle in mind – provide software solutions that deliver measurable results. This principle motivates us to answer the nagging question that has haunted risk and assurance management practitioners for years: “How can I measure the benefits of what I do? (or “What’s the value in doing this?”) Our suite of software products and our patented cost of risk business methodology come together to address these questions head-on and solve the problem.

The Road to Today

Originally founded in 2002 as The Kingson Group Limited, we were chartered as a consulting firm at the urging of a Dow 30 company.  From our inception, we have earned tremendous loyalty from our clients by meeting the highest standard of expertise, delivering incredible results and providing exceptional service.

On October 5th, 2010 the US Patent & Trademark Office awarded a business methods patent to our CEO for a new cost of risk accounting and analysis business method, branded Aggregate Risk Quantification™ or ARQ™.

On July 11, 2011, the company reinvented itself as rPM³ Solutions, LLC to make available this patented innovation. The new company name is based on the notion that optimized RISK drives PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT to produce EXPONENTIAL results.

In early 2013, rPM³ entered the business of software development and solutions through the creation of an automated apparatus for ARQ™.  Branded ARQ Technology™, this product makes it possible for Risk Managers of all kinds to measure the impacts of risk on their organizations and measure the impact their programs have on business performance.

In October of 2015, again at the urging of a customer to do something new, our quantitative approach to an enterprise risk assessment was created. The result was Aperitisoft™, (from the Latin – to see clearly or plainly) designed to accurately mimic how risk management processes function in the real world. This is a unique Assessment Engine system architecture that supports both ERM and other risk & assurance management processes in one platform. Ever evolving, Aperitisoft™ is at the tip-of-the-spear of the solutions we provide today.

In March 2018, rPM³ was awarded a GSA Contract under Schedule 70 for its Aperitisoft™ and ARQ Technology™ software products.

In April 2022, partnered with Profectus Professional Services, LLC to create a modern and intelligent Quality Management software system that promises to save you valuable time and money! This system incorporates Incident Management, Quality & Assurance Management, Corrective Action & Preventative Action Management, and Document Control all in one single integrated platform.

In November 2022, A3S™ (Assessments-as-a-Service™) was born. Leveraging the power of the Aperitisoft™ Assessment Engine and built-in Survey Tool to create the affordable assessment alternative SMEs and Services Providers have been looking for!

Our Mission

Our mission is to re-define risk & assurance management best practices by delivering innovative software products that are intelligent by design, in-step with global developments in technology and thought leadership, yet intuitive enough to give our customers easy-to-use and flexible solutions that produce measurable results.

Our Vision

To be the leading innovator and solutions provider of risk & assurance software solutions that demonstrate measurable value in any risk-based discipline, business sector or industry around the world.

Values are the Key to Success

As a Team we are steadfastly committed to all of our CORE VALUES as the driving force that fuels our culture and the key elements that define the character and nature of who we are as a company. 


Aperitisoft™ demands the highest level of integrity from all of its team members, partners and vendors.  We commit to being honest with our customers and with each other at all times, as well as, faithful in meeting all of our commitments and obligations. 


There is no “I” in TEAM.  Aperitisoft™ believes that the company’s success depends on the sum of each team member’s contribution. We also believe no person is an island.  For each team member to be successful they need to rely on their teammates for support.


Our customers and their success is the meaning of our existence. So, Aperitisoft™ is passionate about providing a legendary level of service to our customers.  Our promise to our customers is that they will look to Aperitisoft™ as more of a partner than a vendor and looked at as an essential part of their team/program.


Our mission is to “re-define” best practices.  This can’t be achieved without a “relentless pursuit of innovation.”  So, Aperitisoft™ is always listening to our customers and asking for feedback, and monitoring the marketplace for the latest technology that will best serve our clients.


Walt Disney once said to, “Always fight for quality, whether giving or receiving.”  At Aperitisoft™ we couldn’t agree more.  Whether it’s our software or our customer service, we MUST be head and shoulders above everyone else when it comes to Quality.


Our mission is to “produce measurable results.”  To do so we must be tenacious about producing measurable value for our customers.  This means our products and services must help our customers work more efficiently (save time) and effectively (be more productive), and must be cost effective – helping our customers save money!

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