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Our innovative Assessment Management Software solutions are an intelligent and modern approach to managing RISK and ASSURANCE . . . saving you valuable TIME, MONEY and helping you achieve exponential PERFORMANCE. 

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APERITISOFT™ ERM MANAGER & APERITISOFT™ 1-2-3 EXPRESS – our cloud-based software products have been uniquely designed with an innovative Assessment Engine architecture that mimics how risk management functions in the real world. In addition, we supplemented Aperitisoft™ with all of the tools you will need to do a quality assessment (even a Survey Tool and a Monte Carlo simulation engine). This creates an amazingly intelligent and leading-edge platform, that is purpose-built, to manage almost ANY risk-based and/or assurance-based assessment project – ALL in one intuitive and integrated platform.


ASSESSMENTS AS A SERVICE™ (A3S™) – this innovative software solution leverages the power of the Aperitisoft™ Assessment Engine and built-in Survey Tool to create the affordable assessment alternative SMEs and Services Providers have been looking for! The A3S™ solution provides the automated platform needed to assess and document the risk and/or compliance level of any risk-based and/or assurance-based regulation and standard. So, with A3S™ SMEs get the ability to quickly, consistently and repeatedly conduct standards-based assessments for their clients – over and over again!


APERITISOFT™ Hc (AHc) – we have partnered with Profectus Professional Services, LLC to create a modern and intelligent Quality Management software system that promises to save you valuable time and money! This system incorporates Incident Management, Quality & Assurance Management, Corrective Action & Preventative Action Management, and Document Control all in one single integrated platform. AHc is powered by Aperitisoft™, so it leverages all of the powerful analytical and reporting capabilities expected in a modern risk management system and includes an ingenious Incident Triage capability that will revolutionize your incident reporting experience!


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foremost innovators in Assessment Management Software

Aperitisoft™ is a leading innovator in Assessment Management software.  Our products provide the power tools you need to tackle ANY risk or assurance related project – all in one platform.

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Meet Aperitisoft™ Software Solutions

Software that mimics how risk management functions in the real world. We accomplished this by creating an ingenious Assessment Engine system architecture that can be applied to just about any assessment-based project. This novel system architecture is PERFECT for companies who need software support for multiple risk and assurance related processes and projects in one easy-to-use platform. It does this by replicating the essential workflow and processes inherent to every form of risk or control-based assessment.


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“Aperitisoft™ offered our organization a tool that met us where we’re at in our risk management journey. A tool that expertly combines functionality, scalability, and affordability, with simplicity and ability to customize to our own environment. It’s backed by people that are true risk practitioners, and not sales people wearing a risk hat. I’ve sat through countless sales pitches, and Aperitisoft will help you take your risk management program to new levels.”

Daniel Budzko, Director – Enterprise Risk Management

SELCO Community Credit Union

“Aperitisoft™ ERM Manager was the exact tool I was looking for to conduct our annual risk assessment.  It saved me time and expense and gave me the power to analyze our risks from both qualitative and quantitative perspectives. ”

Gail Wilson, Risk Manager (Former)

ITC Holdings

“This approach was instrumental to the turnaround of one of our largest and most unpredictable divisions.”

Ed Tyler, CEO (Retired)

Moore Corporation Limited

“Aperitisoft™ provided me with an approach to ERM that addressed the full spectrum of risks including Operational and Strategic.”

Terry Leitch, ERM Director (Former)

The Boeing Company

Some of Our Happy Customers

We’ve been fortunate to have worked with some very prestigious organizations.

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Meet Our Executive Team

Aperitisoft™ brings decades of experience in software development, risk management, compliance & assurance and a shared passion & drive to produce software solutions that can deliver measurable results.

Gary Bierc


Michael Fluharty


Aaron Henderson


Kelland Sewell


Frank Strenk

VP, ERM Solutions

Monica Nicolaysen Dowhan

VP, Health Care Solutions

Brett Osborne

VP, Information Security & CISO


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