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Our Risk and Performance Management Solutions are designed to help you better manage your RISKS, reduce COST and achieve exponential PERFORMANCE. 

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Whether you’re a corporation or a government agency, rPM³ has designed a solution that will enable you to save time and money with your risk management projects.  Check out our portfolio of ERM and other risk management solutions and ask us how we can save you money and create measurable value.


Aperitisoft™ & ARQ Technology™ – this innovative suite of software applications are specifically designed to mimic how risk and risk management actually function in the real world. This creates an amazingly intuitive software system capable of managing almost ALL key risk management processes in one place.


Let our team of talented and experienced Subject Matter Experts help you meet ANY of your risk or performance management challenges. Whether its ERM, OpRisk or other risk management project, we have the expertise you need to get the job done practically and efficiently. Find out for yourself what kind difference rPM³ can make.


Welcome to rPM3 Solutions –
foremost innovators in
Enterprise Risk Management Software

rPM3 is a leading innovator in Enterprise Risk Management software.  Our products provide the power tools you need to tackle ANY risk management related project.
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Software that thinks the way you do

Intuitive to use, incredibly flexible & powerful  functionality! 

Meet Aperitisoft™

Software that actually mimics how risk and risk management function in the real world. We call this innovation: “ERMIS” or Enterprise Risk Management Information System. This novel system architecture is PERFECT for companies who need software support for ERM and would benefit from managing multiple risk management processes and projects in one place. It does this by replicating the essential workflow and processes inherent to every form of risk or control-based assessment.


Learn how Aperitisoft™
is helping to support our 
Sailing Risk Assessment 

We are using our Aperitisoft™ software application to survey assessment participants and identify, compile and analyze the risks to sailing. Click below to learn more about the Sailing Risk Assessment

About Aperitisoft™Sailing Risk Assessment


Need to start SLOW?  We get it … CHECK OUT these three ways to get started that won’t break your budget or bind you up in a long term contract.  Start enjoying the benefits of rPM³ software and services



Manage your ERM or other Risk Management Program as easy as 1-2-3. Build your risk register and manage your risks with the power tools you need to get the job done right, but at an introductory price.



Engage one of our Subject Matter Experts for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee or contractor.  This ingenious package gets you the expertise your need, but with no more than a 90 day commitment at any time.



Do you know how much risk has been costing your organization?  Our ERM Experts will deploy our patented ARQ Technology™ to find out.  Get the answers you need at a rate that will most likely surprise you!


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“This approach was instrumental to the turnaround of one of our largest and most unpredictable divisions.”

Ed Tyler, CEO (Retired)

Moore Corporation Limited

rPM³ Solutions provided me with an approach to ERM that addressed the full spectrum of risks including Operational and Strategic.”

Terry Leitch, ERM Director (Former)

The Boeing Company

“Aperitisoft™ was the exact tool I was looking for to conduct our annual risk assessment.  It saved me time and expense and gave me the power to analyze our risks from both qualitative and quantitative perspectives. ”

Gail Wilson, Risk Manager (Former)

ITC Holdings

Some of Our Happy Customers

We’ve been fortunate to have worked with some very prestigious organizations.

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Meet Our Executive Team

rPM³ brings decades of experience in the disciplines of Enterprise Risk Management, Risk Analysis, Strategy & Performance Management and a shared passion & drive to produce solutions that can deliver measurable results.

Gary Bierc


Gary’s the founder of rPM³. An early pioneer in ERM, he’s the principal thought-leader behind our innovations and the force behind our commitment to deliver measurable results.

Michael Fluharty


Michael connects the dots between our clients’ needs, technology and our solutions.  His years of C-Suite and technology experience have made a unique talent that helps shape our innovations and drive quality service. 

Aaron Henderson


Aaron is the principle software engineer behind our Aperitisoft™ & ARQ Technology™ products and the mind that made our ERMIS System Architecture a reality.

Kelland Sewell


Joining forces with rPM³ in 2016, Kelland has a ground floor view of what it takes to implement a successful ERM Solution.  As Senior Vice President, he’s leading the charge for rPM³ with regard to Marketing and Business Development.

Frank Strenk

VP, ERM Solutions

Frank is rPM³’s ERM expert and industry specialist to the Food & Beverage industry. He is a veteran ERM subject matter expert with the knowledge and experience needed to help our clients with just about any risk-related challenge they might face.  Frank’s years of experience in ERM enables him to customize ERM frameworks to each client’s unique situation, industry, culture and environment.

Monica Nicolaysen Dowhan

VP, Health Care Solutions

Monica is the Healthcare Sector practice leader for rPM³. A seasoned risk and compliance professional, and Healthcare industry expert, she offers a unique perspective and hands-on knowledge that produces tangible value for our clients.  Monica’s broad experience enables her to help our clients “connect-the-dots” so that their optimal solution can be found.

Dr. Charlene Coon

VP, Cyber Risk Solutions

Dr. Coon is one of rPM³’s Cyber Risk experts and practice leaders assigned to the western region of the USA, the DoD and other government agencies. Charlene’s experience with the Federal Government and her doctorate in Cyber Risk makes her an outstanding resource to our clients for CMMC, FedRAMP and other Info Sec compliance challenges. But, she especially provides specialized expertise in Cyber Risk forensics, a unique and important resource to any enterprise.

Brett Osborne

VP, Information Security

Brett is one of rPM³’s Cyber Risk experts and practice leaders assigned to the eastern region of the USA, the DoD, government agencies and government contractors. Brett’s twenty years experience in Cyber Risk Management, including engagements with the Federal Government and DoD makes him an outstanding resource to our clients for SP 800-53, 800-171 (including CMMC), FedRAMP and any other Info Sec certifications and cyber risk challenges.

Tiago Martins

VP, Latin America

Tiago is rPM³’s risk, compliance and certification specialist to the Latin America market. He has more than 15 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry. Tiago´s unique expertise in innovative and effective certification models development, offers a broad opportunity for rPM3 to meet several compliance demands, as well as, assessing risks and helping clients meet a wide range of controls frameworks (commercial, financial, cybersecurity, quality, anti-corruption, public regulations and more).

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