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How Listening to Your Business Can Save it

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” ~ Benjamin Franklin Truer words have likely never been spoken. The entrepreneur or business owner who runs headlong into action without first considering the longer term ramifications of those actions may not fail, but success will be harder—much harder—to come by. Your business IS in fact always telling…
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A one-two punch to knock out road blocks to your success!

Small and medium sized businesses are often too busy running the day-to-day operations to stop and plan for the future.  The owner has a vision in their mind of what they want the future of their company to look like but they take little time to plan for that vision. It was pointed out in…
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“Out of every crisis comes great opportunity!”

A great adage, but do you really believe it? Companies that do become winners; companies that don’t typically settle for second best. Do you remember the 1989 motion picture hit, “Dead Poets Society”?. The main character, John Keating (played by Robin Williams) encourages his students to “carpe diem”, which in Latin means: “seize the day”.  …
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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) applied to small business

Why is it that only large companies take advantage of ERM? Is there some reason that you need to be a certain size before you can use ERM? The application of ERM to a small business produces the same advantages as a large business by allowing the small business owner to act strategically, anticipate risk…
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