Which questions apply to you?

Solution 1:

  • Do you know if your business is performing at its peak?

Inspired by our patented ARQ™ business method, rPM3‘s ARQ Technology™ software can help you examine your company’s current and past financial results to definitively determine:
1) How efficiently you manage the risks you face;
2) How well you manage the trade-offs between action and impact caused by these risks;
3) The key risk sources and events that effect performance;
4) Whether you are taking too little or too much risk; and
5) Potential opportunities for performance improvement.

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Solution 2:

  • Is your business struggling to consistently achieve its performance targets, plans and/or budgets?

rPM3 solves this problem by:
1) Leveraging the power of our ARQ Technology™ software and our R-PM™ System;
2) Providing advanced business reconnaissance – R-PM™ bridges the gap between historical results and the probable risk events and opportunities that drive performance, bringing clarity to decision-making;
3) Properly aligning performance monitoring with the “real” sources of volatility.

Example: $500M Clothing Designer/Retailer
The Company demonstrated a 3 year history of volatile revenue and earnings performance. Using ARQ Technology™, rPM3 isolated and exposed the root cause of the volatility. Applying R-PM™, the Company confidently developed a $13 Million risk response strategy that would yield a $52 Million performance improvement.

Did you know that…
…An analysis by a Fortune 50 Company revealed that: “A 10% Reduction in Earnings Volatility (Standard Deviation from Target) yielded a 20% improvement in P-E Ratio?” Yet, with continuous technology change, global economic instability, growing regulatory intrusion and other systemic factors, businesses struggle more than ever to perform consistently.

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Solution 3:

  • Has your company been affected by the current economic conditions and/or business environment? Are you looking to turn-around your results?

rPMsolves this problem by:
1) Providing a repeatable risk-based process and system that measures (in dollar terms) the specific risks and opportunities affecting a business;
2) Making prioritization easy and “real”, providing instant relevancy to goals, targets or strategies; and
3) Leveraging ARQ Technology™ to “connect the dots” and accent the trade-offs that exist within any strategy, objective, goal, target or issue.

Example: $500M Multi-national Print-based Manufacturer
A Latin American division of a Fortune 500 Conglomerate represented 15 countries, 4 languages and differing cultures. Using R-PM™, rPM3 isolated the “TRUE 7” risks/opportunities affecting the business (from a list of 50)…the CEO’s perceived issues didn’t even make the Top 20. With this new information, the Company retooled their strategic and operating plans to bring them in alignment with the “TRUE 7” identified, transforming a $15 Million operating loss into a sustained $15 Million profit in 12 months.

It has been said…
“A person who aims at nothing is sure to hit it.” –Origin Unknown

Yet, companies continue to struggle with where to focus resources and strategic effort – significantly affecting their performance.

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Solution 4:

  • Do you want an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program that is practical? Produces bottom-line results? Shows a ROI?

rPM3 solves this problem with ARQ Technology™…
…Making ERM quantifiable, accountable and linked to the bottom-line in dollar terms.

Example: $280M State Agency
As the Agency reached a critical mass of conservation land holdings, the Governing Board and constituents grew concerned over the cost effectiveness of the Agency’s risk management activities. Using ARQ Technology™ and R-PM™ provided the tools to identify and quantify these activities in dollar terms and compare them with previous years and budgets. The Agency was able to definitively demonstrate that its $6 Million investment in risk management actively yielded a $28 Million reduction in risk exposure.

Did you know that……
Regulatory and governance mandates from S&P, Moody’s, A.M. Best, SEC Regulations, Stock Exchanges, the Sarbanes-Oxley & Dodd-Frank Acts, and others have required Boards and Senior Management to take a closer look at Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).…

Further, CEO’s & CFO’s are seeking a tangible ROI in dollar ($$) terms.…

Although ERM has significantly advanced in the marketplace since its beginnings over two decades ago, one key ingredient has eluded practitioners –the ability to measure the benefits of ERM itself in dollar terms.

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