Improve Your Budgetary Performance…

…with rPM3 Government Solutions! In today’s economic and onepolitical environments, government agencies are asked more and more to maintain or even expand their missions with fixed or even reduced budgets. Agency staff are expected to scrutinize their budgets and expenditures, while maintaining programmatic performance. They are faced with a daunting task, often without the critical information needed to begin and be successful.

oneEnter rPM3 Government Solutions. rPM3 helps you solve this problem by uncovering and magnifying the key risk sources and events that may have the greatest impact on your budgetary performance. We accomplish this by applying our advanced COST OF RISK expertise and patented technology to translate and interpret this critical risk information into dollars terms – specifically as to the impact of risk on expenditures and program funding.

rPM3 offers three dimensions of this solution, of which the first two can be deployed as separate projects or all three can be deployed in sequence as a single solution.

oneQuantitative Risk Assessment – a look over the horizon at the risks that might impact your future budgetary performance. Places focus on “what keeps you up late at night”.

oneCost of Risk Baseline – a quantitative analysis of your actual expenditures, budget and funding over at least the past 4 years. This is a look at risk “in the daylight” – a clear perspective of how risk has affected actual expenditures and budgetary performance.

oneComprehensive Risk ProfilerPM3 pulls the wisdom from the first two dimensions together in order to best prioritize your risks and identify the greatest opportunities for budgetary performance improvement.


rPM3 also offers complete Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) consulting services, specifically designed for government agencies (Federal, State & Local).


BONUS: Since the ARQ™ cost of risk methodology and ARQ Technology™ software are a patented business method and apparatus, rPM3 is a great candidate for sole source contracts.

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