Finally, Risk Solutions Tailored for the C-Suite!

Growth, margin, profit, EBITDA, ROI, EPS, shareholder value – these are the language of the C-Suite! Unfortunately, this language is not common within risk management circles.
WHY?  It is simple – the lack of true measurement.

MoneyWell, not anymore! We at rPM3 are determined to change all of that! Our patented ARQ Technology™ and our proprietary Cost of Risk expertise enables us to measure your risks and risk management actions in terms that are understandable to the C-Suite – dollars and cents. Our Cost of Risk measurement is accurate and repeatable and perfectly reconcilable to your financial statements. Our risk assessment methodology leverages our Cost of Risk knowledge to provide you with the most relevant and accurate risk quantification and prioritization approach available.

Sounds intriguing, but why would members of the C-Suite care?


CEOPERFORMANCE. The Chief Executive carries the burden of company performance on his/her shoulders. Strategic planning, decision-making and business review processes are all supposed to be working toward one end – SUCCESS. But how can he/she be sure? Conventional accounting and financial analysis techniques can provide an incomplete picture of the business because they are often clouded by the effects of risk. rPM3’s ARQ Technology™ isolates the effects of risk, removing the haze, so the performance picture is clearly visible. With rPM3, CEO’s get all the business intelligence needed to lead their businesses with confidence.

                                        Chief Financial Officer

CFOCOST EFFECTIVENESS. It’s the CFO’s job to assure that the business is properly funded, its results are accurately recorded, it doesn’t take on undue risks; and that the business’s cost structure is in alignment with the growth of the business. Every one of these responsibilities, in one way or another, involves risk. But yet, most CFO’s, if you were to ask them, could not tell you how much of their costs are a result of risk; let alone which risks dominate their cost structure. rPM3 changes all of that with ARQ Technology™. CFO’s get a new form of cost accounting centered on risk that is accurate and reconcilable. It points out cost-performance relationships previously obscured by conventional reporting. With rPM3, CFO’s can peer into their organizations with a new lens. One that turns over every stone, yet prevents cuts that could damage growth.

                                        Chief Risk Officer

CROMEASURED VALUE. Enterprise Risk Management and GRC are the latest in the evolution of corporate best practices. Many CRO’s are being hired to make sense of all of it and provide the Board and Management with a clear understanding of the organization’s risks and how their risks can be managed. The problem is although these new practices have inherent value, this value is assumed, not measured. This can have a tendency to position the CRO as a “necessary evil”, a compliance function, something required, not necessarily essential to the business. rPM3’s ARQ Technology™ changes all of that by providing a definitive measure of the value of risk management enterprise-wide. With rPM3, CRO’s can measure the hard dollar contribution of ERM and even a ROI, linking ERM to company performance. With rPM3, CRO’s get the tools they need to take a much more influential and essential place at the executive team table!

                                        Chief Audit Executive

CAEMEASURED EXPOSURE. Risk based auditing is the latest best practice in the Internal Audit profession. CAE’s are looking for ways to develop Audit Plans that are relevant to the business by aligning their activities with where the company is most at risk. The problem is the lack of definitive measure. rPM3 changes all of that by providing a hard dollar measure of the Cost of Risk, aligned with each risk category. This gives the CAE a measurable way to prioritize, determine audit frequency and measure the value of audit efforts.

                                        Board Members

CEOSIMPLE METRICS AND RELEVANT TERMS. rPM3’s Cost of Risk based quantification methods enable Management to provide the Board with relevant and real risk metrics that are measured in hard dollars, monitored and tested in actual results and related back to the organization’s overall goals and objectives. With rPM3, Boards can now receive relevant, easy to understand reporting that measurably connects risk and risk management back to organizational performance.

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