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Complete picture 3Introducing ARQ Technology™ – a GAME CHANGING software tool that completes your organization’s financial puzzle by delivering the critical piece hidden to conventional accounting methods. ARQ Technology™ does this by applying a patented cost accounting methodology centered on the Cost of Risk. This business method precisely separates and isolates these costs from your core business. The results are amazing! You get a non-obscured view of your business results (one you’ve never seen before) that gives you a pure, clear and true measure of your business and enterprise risk management performances.


ARQ Technology™ separates your Cost of Risk into its components and aligns these costs with your inherent sources of risk – creating a 5th Financial Statement™ (the Statement of Cost of Risk). This new financial statement provides you with the details and interrelationships needed to pinpoint critical variations – the important business intelligence needed for you to take the correct and appropriate action for improved results.


InsightTAKE ADVANTAGE OF NEW INSIGHT & PERSPECTIVE – ARQ Technology™ enables you to look at your business with a fresh perspective that opens your eyes to important facets of your performance and cost structure. This insight provides the critical “double-check” you need to have confidence in your decisions, strategies and plans.

Measure in DolarsGET A HARD DOLLAR MEASUREMENT FOR ERM – for the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) practitioner, ARQ Technology™ creates the hard dollar measurement everyone has been looking for – a measure for calculating the value created by ERM itself (even a ROI)! With ARQ Technology™ you can now quantitatively demonstrate how risk, risk management and performance are all related using real financial results – the critical step needed to truly solidify the integration of ERM and Strategic Planning.

Business IntelligenceGAIN CRITICAL BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE – ARQ Technology™ opens up a whole new world of previously hidden reports and analyses that you will find are essential to planning, business review and decision-making. This new business intelligence significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to pinpoint and isolate critical performance issues and opportunities. It also provides the ability to monitor the results and manage the action plans deployed to improve results.

Power at fingertipsPUT POWER AT YOUR FINGERTIPS – since ARQ Technology™ utilizes ALL of your financial records and budget data, it can assemble an electronic version of your complete financial reporting package (including the new Statement of Cost of Risk) all in one place; and because it is hosted in the cloud, it is easily accessible electronically from any device. Add to this the software’s powerful drill-down capability, and you have the power to get answers to critical performance questions with just the click of a button.


DecipherA PATENTED DECIPHER TOOL – discover and organize your Cost of Risk quickly and with ease. Our ingenious deciphering tool helps you identify, document and align your Cost of Risk with surgical precision. This innovative tool assures the accuracy and consistency of your Cost of Risk reporting with every financial close.

AnalyticsINSIGHTFUL ANALYTICS – ARQ Technology™ leverages your unique Cost of Risk to create a whole new set of graphs, tables and statements that give you a different perspective of your business and risk management results and performance.

Drill downPOWERFUL DRILL-DOWN CAPABILITY – each of ARQ Technology™’s financial reports, and most of the graphs, include the time-saving ability to view the supporting details behind any figure (“drill-down”) by just clicking on the number. This powerful drill-down feature enables you to investigate variations down to the lowest level of detail in just seconds.

DashboardCUSTOMIZABLE DASHBOARD – a two-panel dashboard, customized to include the graphs or reports that are most meaningful to you, comes standard with every installation. UPGRADE and get a sophisticated and interactive custom dashboard system powered by SAP Crystal Dashboard.

Event RegistryRISK EVENT REGISTRY – create your own database of the actual events that affected your core business performance and cost of risk. This simple tool provides all that you need to create, document, save supporting files and financially link specific events to your Cost of Risk.

Action PlanningACTION PLAN MANAGER – this tool helps you create the series of action plans needed to improve results. You can easily organize and assign your specific steps and tasks. Document the cost and estimated benefits of your plans; link them to a Cost of Risk budget and your risk categories; and then follow-up and monitor your progress – all in one system!!!

WorkflowMANAGED WORKFLOW – powered by the Advanced Workflow System, ARQ Technology™ easily manages all of your workflow needs. User access, roles, user security, approvals, action monitoring, to-do’s and notifications are all standard with every installation.

CompatibleCOMPATIBLE WITH ANY GRC OR ERM APPLICATION – ARQ Technology™ is a specialized cost accounting software tool that can enhance any GRC or ERM System by providing the important dollar measurement missing in these systems. ARQ Technology™ can either plug-in to or work along side these applications – whichever is the best fit to support your program.

DeviceACCESSIBLE FROM ANY DEVICE – hosted in the “Cloud”, ARQ Technology™ is accessible anywhere you can connect to the internet – your desktop computer, laptop, mobile tablet and smartphone.

Hosting OptionsFLEXIBLE HOSTING OPTIONS – ARQ Technology™ is typically hosted in the “Cloud” by rPM3, but can be easily configured for installation behind your firewall or even a combination of both.

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