Patented ARQTM Business Method

About ARQ™
On October 5th, 2010 the US Patent & Trademark Office awarded a business methods patent to Gary Bierc (Founder & CEO of rPM3 Solutions) for a new performance-focused risk accounting methodology, branded Aggregate Risk Quantification™ or ARQ™. Peering through the “lens of risk”, this new method uses your detailed P&L financial information to ascertain your historical, budgeted or proforma cost of risk enterprise-wide. Our patented method dissects your business based on your unique risk sources, spending structure and performance criteria; creating a true “risk profile” in hard dollars. This cost is then normalized as a % of revenue to determine what is called the ARQ™ Index, a ratio that highlights your risk’s financial footprint on your organization in any reporting period. The ARQ™ Index is an accurate calculation of just how much risk costs your organization – your risk performance “DNA”.

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  • A Radically New Insight – ARQ™ creates a genuine Risk Accounting Statement and Performance Measure (in $Dollars) that breaks down results into understandable risk components. This perspective highlights a company’s weaknesses (as well as strengths) and reveals the true nature of company performance. This insight provides a level of knowledge regarding your business or acquisition targets that is unparalleled, enabling you to make decisions with confidence. ARQ™ illuminates your path to success!
  • A Genuine R-PM™ System is Now PossibleThe ARQ™ Statement of Risk and associated measures, forecasts and projections work as an essential part of a legitimately quantifiable, practical and effective Risk & Performance Management (R-PM™) System (or process), by delivering a baseline that can be re-measured every period to determine the effectiveness of R-PM™ activities and initiatives. “ARQ™ is the engine or power plant that makes our R-PM™ System possible.”, said Gary Bierc. “If you can measure it, you can manage it!”
  • Measurable ERM with ROI – In theory, Enterprise Risk Management (or ERM) makes sense to management teams and boards, but until now there has been no way to measure its value. NO MORE! rPM3‘s patented ARQ™ business method measures the entire cost of risk in an organization and its relationship to revenue. In effect, it measures ERM itself – silencing skeptics reservations; finally, a method of measuring the value of ERM itself. ARQ™ is the risk accounting breakthrough that Boards, C-Suite and ERM Pros have been waiting for. For this reason, rPM3 is the only company that can accurately measure the ROI your ERM program has produced for your company.
  • Compliance Support – The new risk accounting statement also provides valuable compliance support for anticipated SEC requirements and S&P’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) components, such as: RM Culture, Risk Controls and Strategic Risk Management.

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