Possibilities Managed™

Pull it all togetherIntroducing Aperitisoft™ – our exciting new software system that combines the insight and precise measurement of ARQ Technology™ with the POWER of customized process automation and workflow. This union uniquely enables Aperitisoft™ to deliver two very important benefits to your performance management, ERM, GRC and internal audit programs that are radically different from others:

1) Hard-dollar measurement and performance monitoring – the ability to measure and demonstrate the value of your program is now right at your fingertips (including measuring a ROI); and

2)  A custom fit – contrary to popular belief, one size does not fit all when it comes to risk and performance management programs (such as, ERM, GRC, etc.). Aperitisoft™ solves this problem by custom fitting the software to your unique approach, standards, methods and processes.


The system produces a variety of Custom Modules that interface with our core aggregation and measurement tool (our patented ARQ Technology™) and then orchestrates the entire system by applying automated workflow. These modules are individual software applications tailored to your approach, methods and practices, yet integrated into the entire system. Modules can range from risk assessment tools to big data analytics – whatever fits your unique needs.

With Aperitisoft™, the possibilities are YOURS!


InsightAPERITISOFT™ EXEC – all of the business intelligence you need to make qualified decisions, measure results and direct your business; right at your fingertips.

APERITISOFT™ ERM – your complete tool kit to identify, assess, respond, and monitor risk; as well as the means to measure results with ARQ Technology™.

APERITISOFT™ GRC+P – powerful process automation and workflow management to support any of your GRC needs; PLUS the measurable link back to business performance provided by ARQ Technology™.

APERITISOFT™ CAE – manage audit planning, work papers, COSO, SOX, and GRC all in one place. PLUS, leverage the power of ARQ Technology™ to quantify controls effectiveness, link controls to performance and measure your results.


DecipherA PATENTED DECIPHER TOOL – discover and organize your Cost of Risk quickly and with ease. Our ingenious deciphering tool helps you identify, document and align your Cost of Risk with surgical precision. This innovative tool assures the accuracy and consistency of your Cost of Risk reporting with every financial close.

AnalyticsINSIGHTFUL ANALYTICS – Aperitisoft™ leverages the unique Cost of Risk knowledge gained from ARQ Technology™ to create a whole new set of graphs, tables and statements that give you a different perspective of your business and risk management results and performance.

Drill downPOWERFUL DRILL-DOWN CAPABILITY – each reports and most of the graphs, include the time-saving ability to view the supporting details behind any figure (“drill-down”) by just clicking on the number. This powerful drill-down feature enables you to investigate variations down to the lowest level of detail in just seconds.

DashboardCUSTOMIZABLE DASHBOARDS – a two-panel dashboard, customized to include the graphs or reports that are most meaningful to you, comes standard with every module. UPGRADE and get a sophisticated and interactive custom dashboard system powered by SAP Crystal Dashboard.

WorkflowMANAGED WORKFLOW – powered by the Advanced Workflow System, Aperitisoft™ easily manages all of your workflow needs. User access, roles, user security, approvals, action monitoring, to-do’s and notifications are all standard with every installation.

DeviceACCESSIBLE FROM ANY DEVICE – hosted in the “Cloud”, Aperitisoft™ is accessible anywhere you can connect to the internet – your desktop computer, laptop, mobile tablet and smartphone.

Hosting OptionsFLEXIBLE HOSTING OPTIONS – Aperitisoft™ is typically hosted in the “Cloud” by rPM3, but can be easily configured for installation behind your firewall or even a combination of both.

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