About rPM3 Solutions



Originally founded in 2002 as The Kingson Group Limited, the company was chartered at the urging of a Dow 30 company who recognized the value of its founder’s (Mr. Gary Bierc) proven and practical approach to Enterprise Risk Management.  On October 5th, 2010 the US Patent & Trademark Office awarded a business methods patent to Mr. Bierc for a new ERM-focused cost of risk accounting and analysis method, branded Aggregate Risk Quantification™ or ARQ™.  On July 11, 2011, the company reinvented itself as rPM3 Solutions, LLC to make available these patented innovations and advancements to today’s business leaders through automated solutions and superior services.



Our mission is to re-define ERM best practices by meeting our customers wherever they may be along the ERM Maturity Curve and providing them with the thought leadership, counsel and tools needed to successfully advance their programs; enabling them to repeatedly demonstrate measurable value to all of their stakeholders.



To be the leading provider of Enterprise Risk Management information systems & professional services in the Americas’; and be recognized as one of the world’s leading contributors of ERM thought leadership.


Why Choose rPM3

We at rPM3 Solutions are devoted to your success.  It is our passion to apply leading-edge innovation to solve your problems and to deploy a genuine risk and performance management system that produces measurable results.  With rPM3 you enjoy the benefits of:

  • Practical & Flexible Solutions – rPM3 prides itself as a company that delivers REAL solutions that work.  We try very hard not to over burden our clients with unnecessary distractions and exercises that do nothing but drain their already limited resources. Our approach is to work flexibly along side our clients and to tailor practical solutions that are focused on producing measurable and sustainable results. Also, our ARQ Technology™ and Aperitisoft™ software products flexibly and easily integrate into and interface with your existing key business processes.
  • Innovation – Whether it is our patented ARQ Technology™ and Aperitisoft™ software products or our profession services, rPM3 is dedicated to developing and providing performance innovations designed to generate the information you need to bring confidence to your decision-making.
  • Proven Results – Since our founding in 2002, rPM3 has delivered powerful results. Our practical approach can be tailored to businesses of all sizes and sectors – private and public companies, as well as government agencies. Just ask our scores of satisfied clients!
  • Affordability – rPM3 believes that financial constraints should NEVER get in the way of getting started and experiencing measurable bottom-line results. For that reason, we work with your budget to design engagements you can afford and can still produce results.
  • Leading Expertise – rPM3 has built a team of professionals that have been at the forefront of risk and performance management thinking. Whether it be our founder and CEO, or our Practice Leaders and field consultants, our team is comprised of professionals who have been in your shoes – a team who has worked from within a corporation and has been responsible for managing risk and/or performance management.

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